What is Cadmus?

Cadmus is an online assessment platform, accessed through the LMS. It enables teachers to create and students to complete written assessment tasks known as Cadmus Assignments. Cadmus is designed to simplify the process of delivering high-quality assessment experiences to students while helping them learn and develop academic skills.

Cadmus is made up of two environments, accessed through the LMS:


Cadmus Teacher Environment

In the Teacher Environment, you can:

  • create and release assignment instructions to students through the web-based text editor
  • attach files and web-links as resources to assignments
  • manage draft and final submissions, view similarity scores, and access marking through the in-built class list
  • use Turnitin Feedback Studio to grade submissions through the Cadmus-Turnitin integration
  • automatically sync grades to the LMS Grade Centre


Cadmus Student Environment

In the Student Environment, students can:

  • access assignment instructions and resources released by teachers
  • take notes and plan assignments in a designated space
  • write their submission in the web-based text editor
  • access context-specific academic skills information and curated university guides as they work
  • benefit from educative scaffolds and behavioural nudges to encourage academic best practices (e.g. paraphrasing and citing)
  • submit drafts and finals
  • review similarity reports through the Cadmus-Turnitin integration
  • access grades and feedback in Turnitin Feedback Studio once marking is completed


What sort of assignments can I use Cadmus for?

Cadmus can be used for a range of written assessment tasks like essays, literature reviews, lab reports, tutorial activities and exam alternatives. Our templates will give you an idea of what some common assessment types look like in Cadmus, and you can even use them as a starting point for your own assignments.

Interested in learning more about what you can do with Cadmus? Check out our blog.

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