Submitting your assignment

Once you've finished your assignment, you can submit your work directly within Cadmus. 

Cadmus allows you to:


To submit your work

  1. Click Submit in the top-right corner.
    Click Next, preview submission.
  2. Read the submission declaration (this acts as a cover sheet for the assignment), and then click I declare this work is my own.
  3. Click Submit a final in the bottom-right to confirm. 


Final Submission page

Once you have submitted your final, you’ll be on the Final Submission page. From here you can:

  • View a copy of your submitted final.
  • Click Continue editing in the top-right to return to the Work space (only before the due date). You can then edit your work and resubmit.
  • View the Turnitin similarity score for your submission (if your teacher has enabled it).
  • Click View similarity report to be taken to Turnitin Feedback Studio (if your teacher has enabled it).
  • Click View grades and feedback to access your grades and feedback in Turnitin Feedback Studio, once grades have been returned.

A submission receipt and a PDF copy of your work will also be sent to your student email.


TIP: After you submit, you can still access your Notes and Instructions by clicking on the relevant tabs in the top-left of the Student Environment.


If your assignment involves drafts, you can learn more about submitting drafts.

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