Granting extensions

You can extend the final submission date for individual students in Cadmus using Extensions, making it easier to manage special consideration for students.


To set an extension

  1. From the Students tab on the My Class page, find the student you would like to set an extension for.
  2. Click Student options ••• next to the student's name.
  3. Click Set an extension.
  4. Select the new submission date and time for the student.
  5. Click Confirm extension.

You will now see the extension date next to the student's name in the class list. Students will see this new date in their instructions while working in Cadmus as well. If you want to Remove or Update the extension, click Student options ••• next to the student's name in the class list, and then select Update extension or Remove extension.

TIP: You can filter your class list to view students that have been granted extensions. Click on the Progress filter and select Has extension.

You can also use the extensions functionality to allow individual students to resubmit after the due date. For example, if a student has accidentally submitted an incorrect version of their work, granting them an extension will allow them to resubmit. Learn more about how students submit in Cadmus.

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